Liberal Conspiracy: Is the EDL leader exploiting this cancer victim for publicity and fund-raising?

A few weeks ago the English Defence League leader ‘Tommy Robinson’ was exposed as trying to use a British soldier to fund-raise for Help For Heroes, even though the charity had rejected his help. The arrangement collapsed after several blogs (including LC) reported on it and the soldier backed away, with his superiors launching an investigation.

Now Tommy Robinson may be pushing the boundaries of decency even further.

In a video (YouTube link) posted to the main EDL site on Sunday, the leader of the violent far-right group says he wants to raise money for a 2-year-old cancer victim. Amelia-Mae is fighting for her life against Neuroblastoma and her family is trying to raise £250,000 for her treatment.

Tommy Robinson had originally planned a walk from Hyde Park to Woolwich, where he intended to lay flowers for Lee Rigby (against the family’s wishes), on Saturday 29th June. It was likely the police would ban the walk on security grounds. Now Robinson says he plans to do the walk to raise money for Amelia-Mae.

But there is something very odd about his fund-raising appeal.

On the EDL page where his appeal his posted, there is no link to Amelia-Mae’s JustGiving page at all.

The EDL have in fact started their own appeal page, listed under the name of Helen Gower. Why not just ask people to appeal directly to her account?

Furthermore, 2-year-old Amelia-Mae’s page lists various individuals and groups who are involved in raising funds for her. Neither the EDL nor Helen Gower are named.

So it’s unclear if the EDL are collecting money with the family’s permission, or have even told them of their plans. It also looks like an attempt to ensure Tommy Robinson’s publicity stunt on 29th June is allowed to go ahead, which is still listed as being in support of Lee Rigby.

And of course we have to take the EDL’s word that all the money collected will go to the cancer appeal. It smells very circumspect.

If Robinson is indeed exploiting a 2 year old cancer victim for publicity, it would be about the lowest thing he has ever done.

via Sunny Hundal Liberal Conspiracy

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