Liberal Conspiracy: Did Tory chair @grantshapps admit to breaking the law?

The Conservative party chair Grant Shapps gave a speech at Policy Exchange today.

The speech itself is hilariously bad, but in the Q&A that followed, Shapps said:

And I’ll just give you one simple example: I started a printing company 23 years ago, it still runs to this day and we have always sat there and wondered how it is that when you know that somebody is not working out right for the company, like you know just not fitting into that role, you have to effectively end up coming up with less than… sort of disingenuous reasons why you need to change that role. I think you have to say ‘that role itself is now redundant’ and reengineer the way that that department operates.

Or you have to say, that person is so bad at their job that you must fire them and it’s disciplinary and it will go on, carry on when they try and get a job somewhere else. That means there are only two ways of dealing with wanting to bring a contract to an end. You will either have to pretend the role has gone or you have to fire the person.

In other words, he admits he had to conjure up ‘disingenuous reasons’ to fire an employee?

That is breaking the law isn’t it?

Ian Murray MP, Labour’s Shadow Business Minister, has just sent out a statement saying:

The Government should be making it easier to hire people, not easier to fire people – but now the Tory Chairman is raising serious questions about his own record as an employer. He needs to come clean and clarify exactly what he meant by these comments.

If the only solution the Tories have for sorting out their economic mess is illegally firing workers it’s no wonder people think they’re out of touch.

Grant Shapps’s revelation is gob-smacking.

He should clarify whether he sacked the person for ‘disingenuous reasons’ or whether he lied to his audience today.

via Sunny Hundal Liberal Conspiracy

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