Liberal Conspiracy: Guardian editor “cannot explain” why GCHQ agents destroyed computers at their offices

The Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, in an extraordinary piece published tonight, wrote:

And so one of the more bizarre moments in the Guardian’s long history occurred – with two GCHQ security experts overseeing the destruction of hard drives in the Guardian’s basement just to make sure there was nothing in the mangled bits of metal which could possibly be of any interest to passing Chinese agents. ‘We can call off the black helicopters,’ joked one as we swept up the remains of a MacBook Pro.

“Whitehall was satisfied, but it felt like a peculiarly pointless piece of symbolism that understood nothing about the digital age. We will continue to do patient, painstaking reporting on the Snowden documents, we just won’t do it in London.”

Wait… what?

Why was this not reported by the newspaper earlier?

And why was this anecdote buried halfway down a piece weeks later?

When asked in the comments what he made of the officials’ reactions to what happened, he writes:

I can’t explain their actions, sorry.

It looks like the reason the Guardian didn’t report on this, or fight it, is because they wanted to avoid the courts.





Let’s see if all the newspapers that were crying about press freedom earlier say something about this incident now.

via Sunny Hundal Liberal Conspiracy

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