God Is In The TV: Preaching From The Pews: Emma Garrett


As fate would have it, London singer Emma Garrett probably would have chosen a more opportune moment to release her brilliantly bold, bulgingly melodramatic single ‘This Is It’ a few weeks back, what with the fuss all directed at the announcement that Kate Bush would play her first gigs in well over a few decades.I only mention this because the single’s artfully crafted, string swept, gorgeously manicured epic songwriting could easily be compared to Kate’s prime mid period, which is a compliment, as it is both artful, clever yet infectious. But this tired comparison by no means does Miss Garrett full justice, the light, shade and sheer ambition of her towering breathy vocals, grandiose rolling percussion and insistent string stings here are quite earth shakingly beautiful and utterly relevant as she fully grasps the moment by plunging your head into the middle of an emotional turmoil.

Previous single ‘Dose Me Up’ backs up the impression that Garrett has the right people at her side and talent to express her artistry, showing off a vocal range that excites, entices and leaves one spell bound, hinting at the likes of Sinead O’Connor and Anna Calvi but sounding less contrived than the latter….

Emma has been playing live around London for the last year, watch a little trailer for her forthcoming EP which is out in May, here:

via Bill Cummings God Is In The TV http://ift.tt/1hqF26G

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