God Is In The TV: Track of the Day #474: Cuz – Tamatebako

BHRC012 CUZ packshot FINAL_RGB small

Today’s track is brought to you courtesy of a hybrid of bits of The Go! Team and unlikely as it might sound, a mainstay of the Minutemen and The Stooges.

CUZ is the project of Mike Watt (he’s the sometime-Stooge, Minutemen bass player / vocalist et al) and Sam Dook (who you’ll have deduced is the one that’s usually in the Brighton-based dance outfit)

They’ve been at it for eight years apparently, having first met in Australia in 2006 when both The Stooges and The Go! Team were playing at The Big Day Out festival. As is the way these days, that firm friendship grew into a long-distance musical relationship.

‘Tamatetebako’, the first video from and title track of their upcoming album, “is based around an old Japanese legend about a young fisherman named Taro. The mysterious story tells of his adventure saving a turtle from danger and visiting a strange kingdom under the sea.” Not the usual boy-meets-girl then!

If the vocals sound at all familiar, they’re contributed by Dook’s fellow Go! Teamster Kaori Tsuchida

via Mike Hughes God Is In The TV http://ift.tt/1hU0oFY

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