Dave Hill | The Guardian: The great Boris bus stop

Mayor Johnsons attitude to Londons bus service demonstrates the type of politician he is and why his predecessor was a better mayor

Boris Johnsons public transport priorities are a guide to his beliefs about politics, progress and humankind. His lobbying of George Osborne to keep Crossrail and the Tube upgrades on track surprised some during his first mayoral term, prompting coinage of the terms Red Boris and Ken-lite. A truer picture, though, emerges from the difference between his attitudes to rail and to the bus.

Part of that picture appears in a new report by Labour AM Val Shawcross, her partys spokesperson on transport. Using Transport for London (TfL) and national government data, Shawcross concludes there is a strong link between deprivation and densely populated London neighbourhoods with low access to the public transport network. She provides case studies of estates in Hounslow, Peckham, White City, Roehampton, North Kensington and Enfield.

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