God Is In The TV: Track of The (Halloween) Day #600: SPC ECO – Nocturnal

untitled (62)

Nocturnal is less a track, more a sinister, gradually enveloping, haunting mini opus from SPC ECO primed to soundtrack this Halloween. Lasting over sixteen minutes and influenced by the Jim Jarmusch film, Only Lovers Left Alive, it is accompanied by an eerie video which you can watch below and is available as a free download on their bandcamp page !

SPC ECO fronted by the captivating voice of Rose Berlin and backed by her father – multi-instrumentalist, producer and ex-Curve mastermind Dean Garcia, here they concoct a knee trembling atmosphere somewhere between the ghostly foreboding gloom of early Portishead and the affecting sonic assaults of Cocteau Twins. Trick or treat?


“SPC ECO are preparing for their first vinyl release in early 2015. “Nocturnal” stands in direct contrast to the upcoming “Art Of Pop” album where the focus is on guitarless sugar and spite pop tunes… SPC ECO just needed to get the noise and layers of “Nocturnal” out of their system before the album is released!”


via Bill Cummings God Is In The TV http://ift.tt/1wQzds8

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