Dave Hill | The Guardian: Help London’s future: forget immigration, love babies instead

Politicians talking tough on EU migrants might not please London voters as much as others in the UK and doesn’t address the things the capital needs most

London’s population boom is mostly caused by babies. They are emerging from the wombs of the capital in droves – more than 128,000 of them last year alone. True, greater numbers of newcomers have been arriving from foreign lands – 170,000 in the twelve months to mid-2103. Still more have been turning up from elsewhere in the UK – 196,000 during the same period. But even as those out-of-towners were blowing in, almost as many were shipping out: 79,500 to other nations and 251,600 to somewhere else in this one. That left a net increase of 24,500 to a total population of over eight million. They were dwarfed by the army of newborns.

Older people too have contributed to boosting the number of people Greater London contains to the brink of its largest ever, beating the record set in 1939. They’ve been living for longer and leaving in smaller numbers than they used to. But it is babies who’ve been most responsible. It seems worth underlining this in view of national politicians’ current, feverish, contest to sound the most “tough” about reducing immigration.

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via Dave Hill | The Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/davehillblog/2014/nov/29/londons-future-forget-immigration-love-babies-instead

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