Dave Hill | The Guardian: As Canary Wharf expands will more East Londoners enjoy the benefits?

London’s newest major business district could employ 200,000 people in two decades’ time, but many who live near it are still finding it hard to join their ranks

Twenty-five years after the completion of its hallmark Canada Square tower, Canary Wharf still inspires both adulation and bile. For a man from the Evening Standard, London’s “Wall Street on the Water” has come of age: the restaurants are now rather good, you see. For others, it remains the exemplar of all that is fraudulent about regeneration hype. It’s not hard to see why: the Canary Wharf sashimi may be “melt-in-the-mouth”, yet somehow or other 49% of children in the borough where it’s cooked live in poverty. The ordinary people of the derelict Docklands seem not to have been invited to the feast.

The Canary Wharf Group has been big news of late due to Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund and Canadian property investor Brookfield gaining control of its biggest shareholder, an entity called Songbird which was itself created ten years ago in order to capture the Wharf. The £2.6bn takeover siege has kept devotees of such matters enthralled for weeks. But it’s business as usual, despite all the blood on the floor.

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