Dave Hill | The Guardian: Sadiq Khan: London mayoral race is ‘referendum’ on Tory housing policy

Labour’s London mayoral candidate has been setting out his stall and trying to put his likely Tory opponent in a tight spot

In telling Labour’s conference that housing will have pride of place in his already up-and-running London mayoral campaign, Sadiq Khan not only pledged action on soaring rents, falling home ownership and big, unfriendly property giants, he also made his likely Conservative opponent Zac Goldsmith an offer designed to be awkward to refuse: “Let’s work together and stop the government making the housing crisis even worse.” Khan had the forthcoming Housing Bill in mind, but more than that he was aiming to making the well-heeled MP for sylvan Richmond Park and North Kingston squirm. Goldsmith has been touting himself as a dissident free spirit, more than ready to break with his party’s line. Khan was putting that line to the test.

You can’t accuse the Labour man of failing to look for chinks in the shiny armour of the Tory Prince Charming or of missing any chance to contrast his own, upwardly mobile life story with Goldsmith’s text book tale of Etonian privilege and wealth. He began his speech with a new variation on his now familiar account of being the council house-raised son of a bus-driver, recalling works family outings to Brighton when he and his siblings were children “or as we in Tooting call it in ‘London by the Sea.’”

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