GIITTV: PREMIERE: Monokoora – Pale Slopes(mini album)

Scottish folktronica artist Monkoora releases her new mini album ‘Pale Slopes’ on Hot Gem Tunes tomorrow (29th of April) and we have the premiere stream of the entire record below. Lead track ‘Hiding Behind The Horizons’ is all pattering beats, woozy, warped synths and woven with Monokoora’s evocative vocals its like being lost in a haunted arcade with no escape with the ghosts of the Knife and Bjork. In Monkoora’s own words “The song is about finding your way when situations get murky, particularly when you’re in a committed relationship but afraid of where it’s going – so it’s like holding hands in the dark.”

“Monokoora is a singer, producer and visual artist whose forward-thinking approach sees her blend elements of hip hop, ambient and psychedelic rock with rusty saws, autoharps and detuned ukuleles, her new mini LP ‘Pale Slopes’ will be released via Hot Gem Tunes on 29th April.”

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