Dave Hill | The Guardian: Has Boris Johnson been a good mayor of London?

As his second term draws to a close, we look at Boris’ record at City Hall – on transport, policing, housing, the Olympics and the legitimacy of the mayoralty itself

Boris Johnson will cease to be London mayor when a successor is elected on 5 May. What exactly has he done?

Less than he could have. Some dismiss the mayor’s job as fiddling with bus fares and doing lots of showing off, but there’s more to it than that. Johnson himself recently listed “a spending budget far bigger than many Whitehall departments,” command of a vast transport network, setting the priorities of the Metropolitan Police and exercising strategic planning powers. The mayor can also affect a range of environmental issues, along with health and education in the capital – and, yes, use the job’s platform for sounding off. The problem with Johnson is that there has been more noise than achievement.

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