The VPME Fest Evol – Preview And Stage Times

Tomorrow’s the day when Fest Evol kicks off big time at Liverpool’s Camp and Furnace. We preview it with six must see acts  and you’ll find the set times below …

Fest Evol has been an annual event on the local music scene for a number of years, normally held in August, during the quiet time (locally) when festival season is in full swing. Promoter Revo recently explained why the switch to May took place  “we needed a new approach if we were going to take FestEvol up a level. After doing Caribou at the Camp and Furnace it was clear to me what could be achieved in the venue and that it had a natural festival feel. It felt right, as did the placement of the event at the foot of the festival calendar rather than early August. When we started out there wasn’t anything on until the final weekend of August and last year there was almost too much going on so with the venue being much bigger it was best to slingshot to May. And for me personally, it’s a better time to work as there’s more talent out on the roads.”  And he’s really throwing down the gauntlet to discerning music fans and putting on a stellar all-dayer, with a mixture of epic headliners, bands who are about to go to the next level (yes Black Honey,  that means you) and some of the best emerging bands from the local scene.

We’ve picked six artists YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS

Juliette Lewis


Time / Venue – 23:30 – Camp

Forget the “Hollywood actress turns rock n’ roller” which the press always focus on, Juliette and The Licks are the real deal and they sweat rock and roll swagger with Juliette putting heart, body, and, soul into her live performances. Check out the Michael Rapaport documentary  -“Hard Lovin’ Woman” for further evidence that Juliette is indeed the real deal Honey


Time / Venue – 21:30 – Camp

What more can we say about Black Honey? We’ve been banging on and on about them since before Jesus was a lad …We dearly love Izzy ,Chris, Tommy and the man they call Tom, suffice to say if you haven’t seen them live yet, you will be blown away – that’s a Von Pippian guarantee.


MARNIE ( Helen Marnie - Ladytron)

Time / Venue – 20:00 – Furnace

Helen Marnie, with the obligatory (of Ladytron) brackets produced our fave album of  2013… we recently re-read our review recently and thought … were we a little too effusive?  … so we listened to the album again and thought no we bloody well weren’t, we were 100% correct … ..she may even play a Ladytron track or two. She’s great and we’ll sure on her return to the City, she’ll get a huge Liverpool welcome.

Cash + David

Cash+David Funn Von Pip

Time / Venue – 1:45 AM – District

Cash + David are Tim Ross (Cash) and 24-year-old Liz Lawrence (David). As a solo artist Liz was rather special, but the direction her music has taken with Tim as Cash +David is sublime … their recent EP “Side 1” is pretty much as close to perfection as you can get and we’ll look forward to seeing how it translates live. Moon


Time / Venue -15:15 – District

We’ve not seen Indigo Moon live yet , but people who we know, respect and at a push may even love keep telling us we’ll love them live.  They sound pretty impressive on soundcloud , and singer Ash’s voice is immense , dripping with soul, blues and sass . Robert Plant in Scouse female form? Maybe but she’s defo got a voice that is up there with the very best. In between gigging the band are currently recording as and will be sharing tracks soon as well as a brand new EP



Time / Venue – 18:00 – Furnace

We came across Zuzu at this summer’s FestEVOL in Liverpool and her set was one of THE  major highlights. As, a bonus she’s also named after a character in our favourite film …


And we have one other selection which we’ll be chatting about to Shell Zenner on Amazing Radio Today Wink Listen HERE from 1.oo pm (Sat 30th April)


Ticket Info

Fest Evol Box Office is situated in the entrance of the Blade Factory and opens 1:45pm. You are advised to get down as early as possible and see as much of the action as you can. The last online tickets from are available until 5pm on Saturday. Physical tickets are in Probe Records and 3 Beat Records.



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