BIRTHH is 19 year-old Alice Bisi from Florence, Italy. Lead single ‘Queen of Failureland’ is about a young woman who finds no peace inside her mind: a cacophony of emotions, anxieties swirling above these layered, atmospheric, moving soundscapes. Evocative, bold and insightful, this is the sound of BIRTHH and its mesmerising. We have the video premiere for ‘Queen of Failureland’ below, with the album ‘Born in the Woods’ to follow this October.

“A stormy adolescence re-shaped her song-writing and she began to experiment and search for something altogether more dynamic. Writing incessantly and working with harmonisers and Logic Pro 9, BIRTHH began to take shape and eventually grew into Alice’s darker alter-ego: the conscience of a nineteen-year-old who spends most of her time thinking about apocalyptic events.

The sound of this torment shows great attention to detail and a taste for downtempo-ambient atmospheres. “I wanted the Wurlitzer and most of the guitars to have some kind of lo-fi imprint in order to contrast the sharp and neat sounds of the beats and of the arpeggiatos; the organ and the harmonium have been inserted with pretty much the same purpose. We wanted to add percussion sounds taken from everyday life (snap, claps, water, doors slamming, etc.) and to integrate them into fragmented rhythms that could disorientate the listener. In most of the tracks we did not even use the bass: I liked the idea of being able to make an electronic music record without the aid of this central element: to get that depth we opted for kick-beats with a very low frequency.”

The album was recorded at the end of 2015 in Brescia (Italy), at Red Carpet Studio, by Lorenzo Caperchi and Alessandro Paderno.

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