GIITTV: Track Of The Day #986: Lana Del Rey – Love

Lana Del Rey has revealed the first track – ‘Love’ – from her forthcoming album, and unveiled a space-set video, directed by Rich Lee.

It’s now five years since she appeared, seemingly out of nowhere and hit the charts with ‘Video Games’; she’s had four hit albums in that time, and ‘Love’ suggests that that the bar remains high for the forthcoming album. While ‘Video Games’ was a somewhat downbeat song, there’s far more optimism about this one. Ostensibly built around only four chords, the song is yearning, and more upbeat than she has sometimes been known for.

The video is dreamlike – initially seeming to be simply a video of Del Rey performing the song, it reveals itself to be far more broad in scope, literally reaching for the sky. Both song and video beg for repeated plays, and it doesn’t take much imagination for both to become inescapable over the next few weeks.

The album is as yet untitled but is due for release later this year. It was produced with her long-term producer and collaborator Rick Nowells, and producers Benny Blanco and Emile Haynie have also participated in the making of the album.

Photo: Neil Krug

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