GIITTV: Track Of The Day #990: Azu Yeché – Plastic Life [Premiere]

We are delighted to bring you the premiere of London-based singer-songwriter Azu Yeché‘s new single ‘Plastic Life’.  Smooth and ever-so-slightly flawed here and there in the vocals – as real singing is and should be – ‘Plastic Life’ oozes with an effortless, chilled out, and very simple melody that’s gently carried by warm and rich vocals, easily switching from deep and soulful to high and lofty in one fell swoop; the music melds together pop, folk and soul.  Lyrically, it focusses its attentions on finding the courage to speak your mind and not having to live in silence, as Yeché explains:  

“It’s about speaking one’s mind after a prolonged period of holding back. It is that moment where you have to speak your mind and trust that the relationship can handle it.  I was also inspired by the fact that the current state of the world is being reflected in some of the best soulful music of recent times, so on the one hand, this song speaks about my personal relationship and on the other hand, it speaks about the frustrating times we are currently experiencing politically.”

‘Plastic Life’ is the title track from his second EP, due in April.  


Photo:  CK Golding

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