GIITTV: Track Of The Day #990: Wolf Solent – Red Moon

Danny Trew Barton has to be the hardest working man in York show business. A mainstay of the local music scene for a number of years now, the talented multi-instrumentalist has seen past live action with The Federals, White Firs and The Illness. These stints have seamlessly metamorphosed into current spells with two other York outfits Junk and Sewage Farm with whom he plays respective drums and bass. You would think this may leave precious little time for his own solo project Wolf Solent but in a few weeks time, Barton will release his fourth EP under that name.

To herald its arrival we bring you ‘Red Moon’, one of the tracks that will appear on EP // 4. And here Danny Trew Barton does not stray too far from his customary cosmic template of lo-fi narcolepsy. And why the Hell should he? It is a formula that has served him very well thus far. Yet this time round to the signature Wolf Solent sound he adds the compelling elements of contagion and seduction.

Once more Barton plays every single instrument on the record and this time on ‘Red Moon’ it is his quixotic guitar that holds the song’s sparkling melody firmly in its grasp. As the delicacy of his playing coaxes more and more hidden joy from the song this surely has to be Wolf Solent’s most commercial recording yet. Any greater accessibility Danny Trew Barton has afforded us though has not been achieved at the expense of his accustomed mystery and febrile imagination.

EP // 4 will be released on 31st March 2017 via Sea Records

Wolf Solent online:


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