John Naughton: Is Snapchat the sign of a post-literary future? | John Naughton

Social media seems to be taking us into an era with no use for the written word

You may have noticed a brief flurry of media interest in the stock market flotation of Snap, the company whose Snapchat app has taken the world – or at least that part of it under the age of 20 – by storm. The launch followed the usual pattern of these things: massive initial overvaluation, followed by a crash down to reality. There was also a fuss over the fact that those who bought shares in the company did not get any voting rights – an astute move by the founders to ensure that they got no hassle from Wall Street (but also raised concerns about corporate governance). And it was also noted that Snap is not based in Silicon Valley, but in the altogether more louche environs of Los Angeles.

The internet is affecting the structure of our brains and ultimately our culture in ways that we only dimly comprehend

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