GIITTV: Track Of The Day #996: Jake Houlsby – Howl

As one of Newcastle’s most hard-working upcoming talents, Jake Houlsby has had his fair share of success. BBC6 Music stalwart Lauren Laverne has referred to his music as sublime and he has enjoyed a wide range of national attention so far, back by North East creative development agency Generator.

But Houlsby sets his own pace and is fully committed to the tough and unforgiving life of a modern musician, spending most days busking around Newcastle’s busy city centre on a regular basis, garnering a loyal local fanbase. As well as proving his worth as a live performer at venues across the region, he also manages to find time in-between to write some of the most beautiful folk music you’ll lay your ears on right now.

Houlsby’s latest track ‘Howl’ is a wondrous soundtrack to a fresh start, peering into the future with a confidence and assuredness that most new artists can only dream of. Floating acoustic guitar is plucked alongside thoughtful, soothing vocals before being engulfed in dreamy ambience, guiding us through the woods at night and into the bright lights of the city. “This is the calm before the storm,” sings Houlsby – well it certainly is if he continues to produce tracks this good.  Check out more from Jake Houlsby on SoundCloud.

Photo: Molly Mackay

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