The VPME Track Of The Week – Black Honey – Somebody Better

Black Honey – Somebody Better.

Izzy, Chris, Tom and Tommy aka Black Honey roar back into earshot with a brand new track … and it could be their best yet. Admittedly that’s a pretty bold statement given the quality of their previous releases. But seriously, create a Spotify playlist of Black Honey’s tunes to date and you’ll soon discover that  it’s already beginning to sound like a fucking epic Greatest Hits compilation. (Actually, we’ve done one for you below)

‘Somebody Better‘ is pristine indie-pop, similar in quality to the sort of exhilarating fast-paced melodic new wave that Blondie excelled at in their pomp, and make no mistake this up there with the best of them. Black Honey seem to have an unlimited supply of songs that uplift whilst masking darker themes. We asked singer Izzy what inspired their latest release – ” Ok, so the song is about fucking up. I’m only human and it’s about trying to move forward. It’s ok to make mistakes sometimes.”

You can catch Black Honey at Fest Evol Gardens  amazing all dayer at the Invisible Wind Factory –  Tickets HERE 
and on their Spring tour

Black Honey - Photo Credit: Charlotte Patmore
Photo Credit: Charlotte Patmore

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