GIITTV: Track Of The Day #998: Mellow Gang – Lagoon (Solina)

Billing themselves simply as a ‘night time psyche pop band from the UK’ apart from this we’ve deduced that they are London based and with members from various disparate parts of Britain, Mellow Gang‘s first offering is the sumptuous ‘Lagoon (Solina)’.

It’s an apt name because this is the dream-like sound of falling down a swirling wormhole to the bottom of a pool, before coming up for air, woozy reverb soaked guitars, soulful female/male vocal harmonies that give voice to soulful emotional epiphanies, ‘I’m trying’ goes the refrain which captures a moment of reflection: peering through the tricky mist of life to the light, which sounds like a plea for mercy as this delightfully sea-sawing rhythm and twinkling chimes reaches a crescendo of tumbling drums. Lush, and oozing with potential, ‘Lagoon (Solina)’ sounds like the beginning of something special: an intriguing and deliciously lush debut offering from this mysterious collective.


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