Owen Jones: Brexitland: People can’t find homes. No wonder they were angry | Owen Jones

As he continues his journey around leave-voting areas, Owen Jones sees how right-to-buy fuels anti-migrant myth-peddling and prejudice in east London
Brexitland: ‘Too many foreigners – way, way too many’
Brexitland: Pessimism is toxic in Britain’s coastal towns. But decline isn’t inevitable

“As a local mum, there’s no way you can get on a housing register anymore,” says Fay. It’s a familiar story of what happens when government puts markets ahead of people’s needs.

Mould was growing on the walls of Fay’s ageing home; but she was told her son’s disability was not extreme enough to be classified a priority. The council housing in the east London borough of Barking and Dagenham simply isn’t there: with the failure to replace stock sold under right-to-buy, what remains is reserved for those most in need. And Fay does not qualify.

It’s the government’s ideological failure to regulate the private rented sector, not migrants, that should be our focus

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