GIITTV: Track Of The Day #1002: Ex Comets – Eternal Return

No strangers to the Track Of The Day berth here at God Is In The TV, having achieved such an accolade back in October with the ominous sounding sci-fi wheeze ‘From Roswell With Love‘, Leicester’s Ex Comets are back with an almighty bang of the highest order. Talk about contrast. Where the latter tune was a brilliant, Pixies-like chunk of nightmarish imagery, ‘Eternal Return’ instead is like mounting a stallion with purposeful intent and galloping bareback through the most relentless of thunderstorms.

Beginning with a sample of dialogue from Matthew McConaughey (as Rust Cohle in True Detective): “In eternity where there is no is no time, nothing can grow…” (you might want to check the copyright on that one, guys!), the tone is set for another thrilling musical joyride which is, yet again, as intriguing lyrically as it is aurally exhilarating. “This is a rerun/This is a re-repeat/A second season/Recurring dreams of teeth,” sings the flawless Amy Cooper at the beginning of the song. Well quite, and there is no point in running off in fear, for Ex Comets will waste little time in hunting you down and when they find you, they will well and truly sink their jaws in. They might be Ex Comets, but giving their rapidly rising stock, it may not be implausible that they are also future rockets.


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