GIITTV: Video Of The Week #27: Morten Valence – Das Modell [EXCLUSIVE]

As today our Dear Leader in Downing Street, Theresa May triggers Brexit – an action that will have irrevocable consequences for generations to come – much of the creative community seems to have been caught napping, with the notable exception, that is, of this gem by Morton Valence.

Taken from Morton Valence’s 5th LP Europa – an album of recordings in seven different languages inspired by the events of June 23rd 2016 and its aftermath – ‘Das Modell‘ is their dark, baroque-folk take on Kraftwerk’s original classic, replete with gnawing cellos and a vocal double-hander, it’s prescient and menacing as Brexit becomes a nightmarish reality.

Watch the exclusive premiere of for the video above. It parodies the paranoid vision of Europe sold to us by those who currently hold sway and wish to cleanse our country of any dissent, and who are paradoxically the real totalitarians. The video caps it all off with an all female United European army and a stone-faced ‘Dear Leader’ at the helm delivering instructions on a range of subjects including lobotomy, and of course the correct curvature of a banana…

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