Owen Jones: Why are liberals now cheerleading a warmongering Trump? | Owen Jones

In just three months, those who vowed to oppose the president are eating out of his hands. Applauding his Syria missile strikes only emboldens him to go further

So now we know what it takes for an unhinged, bigoted demagogue to get liberal applause: just bypass the constitution to fire some missiles. It had seemed as though there was consensus among those against Donald Trump. This man was a threat to US democracy and world peace. The echoes of 1930s fascist leaders were frightening. “This republic is in serious danger,” declared conservative writer Andrew Sullivan on the eve of the Trump triumph.

That this megalomaniac “pussy-grabbing” ban-the-Muslims ex-reality TV star would soon control the world’s most lethal military arsenal was chilling. Opposition to him would be uncompromising, a reflection of the Republican intransigence that Barack Obama faced from day one. It took less than three months to shatter these illusions. All it took was a man widely castigated as a proto-fascist to bomb without observing due process.

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Those who critique Trump’s unilateral assault of Syria are portrayed as heartless in the face of the gassing of children

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