GIITTV: Creative Republic of Cardiff launched raising funds to Reboot The Full Moon Club

In a rare ray of hope for the Cardiff music scene that’s been facing turmoil in recent months, the Creative Republic of Cardiff campaign launched today, hoping to re-open The Full Club on Womanby street, within the next month.

With your help they intend to “reboot” the venue as a non-profit, community-led venue & arts space. Set up by former staff & friends of The Full Moon, Creative Republic of Cardiff has launched a fundraising campaign to help secure the building’s lease, in order to open on 28th April and make ongoing improvements to the venue.

The campaign say:

“The Full Moon has been helping the progress of local music over the last 5 years, giving many artists their first performances, hosting memorable shows and larger events such as HUB, Glasnost, Red Sun and Swn festivals. However the venue was closed last Monday due to debts accumulated from the upstairs venue, which the directors had been trying to sell for 2 years (now taken over by Bootlegger bar), but this was too late to help the otherwise-viable downstairs venue.

Staff felt this was the last straw in a continuing threat to Womanby Street and Cardiff’s cultural identity, and view the reopening of the venue as only the first step.

Creative Republic of Cardiff plans to use the venue as an environment of collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing. It will nurture, develop, organise and showcase talent from Cardiff and beyond. However, it needs the support of everyone in the community first.

Money raised from the crowdfunding campaign will allow the organisation to sign the lease, pay for legal fees & licensing, provide a small amount of working capitol and allow for necessary improvements to the venue.

We plan to take on the lease of The Full Moon and not let it die – it’s viable, it’s vital. But we need your help and this is just the beginning.

We are in positive talks with the landlord and need to show him the support we have from the community. There are obviously other offers, but none of them will be able to support and develop the artistic community like us.”

Musician and promoter Grant Jones who has been a fixture of in-house promotions at the Moon and Full Moon club in the past few years, including scheduling Hub Festival, is one of the people leading the campaign, offered this rallying call:

The Full Moon is only the start of what can be achieved by the Creative Republic of Cardiff. If we can secure this venue and allow it to maximise on the potential of what has been laid by it’s foundations over the last, 5 years then we stand to create and develop a progressive, nurturing and collaborative community of creativity.

If you would like to find out more about the campaign in more detail go here this page.
#savewomanbystreet #rebootthemoon”

Support and pledge here:

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