Owen Jones: Jeremy Corbyn and his team must put forward a winning vision | Owen Jones

Labour has an immense grassroots army – this is the time to fight a dishonest prime minister’s ruinous policies

Theresa May can never be trusted on anything she says ever again. She is a patently dishonest politician who cannot keep her word, because for her, partisan self-interest is more important. Her position was clear. A few weeks ago, May’s spokesperson said: “There isn’t going to be one. It isn’t going to happen. There is not going to be a general election.”

May claims that her U-turn on a snap general election was driven by the threat of Brexit being obstructed by parliament. This is a lie. There is no obstruction. To the chagrin of many ardent remainers, Labour voted through article 50 and emphasised it would respect the will of the British people.

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