GIITTV: Video Of The Week #29: The Darling Buds – Evergreen [EXCLUSIVE]

It’s been a few years of musical comebacks of acts from the ’80s and ’90s, some good some not so good, so when Newport’s The Darling Buds announced their first new material in 25 years we were wondering whether it would pass muster. We needn’t have fretted because their new EP Evergreen out this week on Cardiff’s Odd Box Records, is a sterling return, replete with wonderful bittersweet melodies and glistening guitar pop songs. Title track ‘Evergreen’ is one of the picks of the bunch, with delightfully wistful choruses, twitching guitars and kick ass drum beats it’s a glistening invigorating reassertion of their enduring trademark sound. So we are chuffed to have the video exclusive this week too, it sees the band out and about in their camper van having getting some fresh spring summer sun!

Back in the day, the Darling Buds did three sessions for the much missed DJ John Peel, their new EP continues their story which started with their debut album Pop Said to their last release Erotica. The Darling Buds line-up is the original singer and bass player Andrea Lewis-Jarvis and Chris McDonagh, former guitarists Paul ‘Chaz’ Watkins from the time of their second album Crawdaddy and Matt Gray from the Erotica era. Long-time friend of the band Erik Stams completes the line-up on drums. The EP is released this week on a limited edition 10″ EP and Cassette. There will be 100 green vinyl EPs and 400 in traditional black vinyl. There will be 100 released on cassette!

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