Owen Jones: Brexitland: So much for the fractured nation – I haven’t found it | Owen Jones

As he concludes his journey round leave-voting areas in his home town of Stockport, Owen Jones finds voters now want to come together. For Labour, he says, that’s an opportunity
With pay so low for this long, no wonder there’s anger in Sheffield
The truth from Fareham: this was no working-class uprising

We’ll hear a lot about Britain being a bitterly divided nation as we head into a general election. And it would be delusional to deny the referendum has created rifts. But having spent the last few months travelling between English communities that plumped for Brexit, I didn’t find much evidence of ordinary voters brimming with venom for each other. People who voted leave didn’t regard remainers as effete metropolitan elitist saboteurs; remainers didn’t see leavers as knuckle-dragging bigoted Neanderthals. The appetite to turn neighbour against neighbour over the referendum – and to transform the aftermath into a full-blown culture war – certainly exists in certain media and political circles. My suspicion is that people are growing pretty weary of it. I found that most are too decent and busy to hate each other.

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Politicos live in a world where scanning Twitter for political gossip is a daily ritual. It is not a world most live in.

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