Owen Jones: Theresa May’s zombie march leaves a trail of broken promises. Labour must fight back | Owen Jones

You can’t trust a word the prime minister says. Here’s the opportunity for Labour to present a clear and optimistic vision

What the Tories excel at is defining themselves and their opponents, usually in the most dishonest way possible. That’s what Theresa May’s zombie-like repetition of the already infamous slogans designed by Lynton Crosby are all about. I’m not going to repeat them, because cynical Tory spinners calculate that mockery of the slogans is simply free advertising and drums them further into the heads of the electorate. Let it be said, though, that at least David Cameron could utter his lines with the pretence of naturalism. He wasn’t even that hammy: he should take up amateur dramatics. May just sounds like she’s repeating something she’s been told to say ad infinitum, which is exactly what she is doing.

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