GIITTV: Track Of The Day #1020: Wy – Bathrooms

Longtime lovers from Malmo Wy offer their new single ‘Bathrooms’ a tremendously affecting song that’s framed by reverb-heavy atmosphere of sparse drum beats, synths that sigh, chiming arpeggios and invested with singer Ebba’s gorgeously shivering vocals that tumble down stairs then rise to their feet in an act of defiance, at a life that’s beaten you down. “I feel too close/But I am still not close enough,” she sings longingly in the eye of a churning tumult of fear, dejection and confusion, it’s the sound of wanting to leave your life behind for one day, they claim it “will touch some of your inner areas that you might have forgotten about” by the final dramatic couplet and cresendos we are certain it will.

With echoes of the haunted vocals of Beach House and the affecting monologies of Desire‘s ‘Under your Spell’ but orbiting its own subconsciousness. Bathrooms is from their upcoming first full-length LP Okay out soon.It manages to open up your rib cage grabs you by the heart by investigating an inner world of the kind of that only your therapist can reach. The haunting sound of desperately want to leave the existential self-doubt of your life behind for just one day but being to scared to admit it to yourself, it could soundtrack a scene from the upcoming Twin Peaks come back season and I can pay it no bigger compliment than that.


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