GIITTV: EXCLUSIVE: Elaine Mai ‘The Colour of the Night’ EP Premiere

Irish artist Elaine Mai has been crafting a reputation for atmospheric and melodic electronic music. She releases ‘The Colour of the Night‘ EP today, a tapestry of ambient sound textures and samples and garnished with swelling vocals its an ultra modern sound that excavates the corners of the subconsciouness with evocative and affecting results, we have the first airing above. The title track is deeply personal for Elaine, the song builds and builds until Elaine’s voice enters, offering salvation and respite from the introspective sound of what had proceeded.

Elaine says ‘Over the last few years, I have encountered close personal grief for the first time and this track is about that experience. The melody and movement in the strings are a musical representation of the journey from sorrow and despair to acceptance and hope. Although the person you loved is gone, there is joy in their memory, solace in the time that was shared together and ‘The Colour of the Night’ captures that for me.’

Since the release of her last EP in 2014, Elaine has been expanding upon her previous acclaimed live performances, experimenting with her live show as well as her approach to song-writing and production.

Upcoming gigs:

Body and Soul festival, Westmeath // 23rd – 25th June

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