John Naughton: Microsoft surely takes the prize for buck-passing | John Naughton

The operating system maker’s implication that its own customers were to blame for leaving themselves open to hacking was rich indeed

So here is the “new normal”. The US has a president who is (depending on the time of day) borderline psychotic, childlike, chronically bored and/or narcissistic. He may also be a threat to the national security of his country. And he is doing things (like firing James Comey, the FBI director who was inquiring into his ties with Russia, and passing highly secret intelligence to that country’s foreign minister) that would, in normal times, have started the process of impeachment.

But these are not normal times. It doesn’t matter what Trump does for the next year because the Republicans in Congress are terrified of his supporters, who are not only unfazed by their hero’s behaviour but cannot see that he has done anything wrong. And this is possible because, as the FT columnist Edward Luce observed the other day, they are sealed inside an echo chamber in which the FBI director was not fired but resigned of his own accord and in which reports that Trump passed intelligence to the Russians are dismissed as “fake news”.

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