GIITTV: Track Of The Day #1029: KOYO – Lost In The Kingdom

Formed in Leeds in 2015, KOYO have fast become a major factor in the city’s burgeoning music scene. KOYO combine soul-piercing vocals with intricate riffs and the poetry of Nick Drake. Sampling and synthesisers provide astral soundscapes, grounded by a gifted rhythm section.  Their debut single ‘Tetrachromat Pts 1 & 2’, an eight-minute long masterpiece, hypnotised and seduced, transported you to another level of consciousness.

‘Lost In The Kingdom’ is the second release by this accomplished five-piece. Blending influences as wide as Tame Impala and Vulfpeck, Unknown Mortal Orchestra to Paul Simon, this track fuses dreams and reality whilst searching for enlightenment.  A more conventional length than the previous single, ‘Lost In The Kingdom’ captures the moment when a new truth is revealed.

“Lyrically, it’s about being lost and found. I was coming to the end of a season in my life and feeling pretty exhausted. It’s about that moment where something or someone comes along and changes all that, giving you a fresh perspective,” explains singer Huw Edwards.

They lure you heart first with their fearless emotional honesty.  A powerful live force, KOYO seem to be playing at least three times a week at the minute. Get out and see them whilst you can still get a ticket!


‘Lost In The Kingdom’ will be released on 9th June 2017 through 88 Watt Records.

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