GIITTV: Track Of The Day #1030: Vistas – Strong Swimmer

Scotland, it would seem, is the ideal breeding ground for some seriously talented individuals, and Edinburgh’s Vistas are no exception to the rule.  Their latest single ‘Strong Swimmer’ is an upbeat, jaunty indie-rock blast of fun that simply oozes positivity; perfect for those longer days now that we’re inexplicably in June already.

The lead vocals are almost right on the very edge of crooning, but never quite takes that leap.  With this in mind, it’s a little at odds with the frenetic rhythm, chiming guitars, and half-shouted backing vocals.  It shouldn’t fit but it does, and it works incredibly well.  The song builds fairly rapidly, ending in a mash of sound and fading out on those chimes.

Of the song, lead vocalist Prentice Robertson says, “We’re so excited to release ‘Strong Swimmer’ to the world; it’s a real glimpse into the big bright bouncy sound we want to create.  We can’t wait to get out and play it live over the summer.”  Well, if that’s true – and with ‘Strong Swimmer’ as proof – Vistas will be one to watch out for this summer and beyond.

‘Strong Swimmer’ is out now.  

Photo: Jannica Honey

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