GIITTV: Video Of The Week #36: Foo Fighters – Run

Maybe it’s my age, but it’s still something that causes me to marvel that the Foo Fighters are very much still with us, and are now in their third decade. How long is that? Well, put it this way, I bought their first, self-titled album the week it came out in 1995, the day before school finished forever.

They’ve delighted on record, in concert – and indeed in music video. The tongue in cheek video for ‘Big Me’ or the Jack Black featuring ‘Low’ or ‘Learning To Fly’ showed they were a band who could use the artform and have a little fun with it.

The video for their new single ‘Run’ shows no sign of this stopping anytime soon. With a sentiment about getting old but not taking any crap that hasn’t been shown so much since Pulp‘s ‘Help The Aged’ (bloody hell, that’s 20 years old now as well), the six-minute-plus promo sees the now six-piece showing that there’s no harm to be had in rocking out, and taking no prisoners while they do it. Without wishing to give too much away, the band feature as part of a bunch of elderly miscreants who cause havoc in a church before carjacking some kids. As you do. Pipe and slippers can wait.

There ain’t much justice in this world, but the band’s first new music since the Saint Cecilia EP in late 2015 shows just why they are still so highly regarded, and this deserves to be one of the anthems of the summer.

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