GIITTV: EXCLUSIVE: Mynth ‘Mirrors’ Track Premiere

Vienna’s Mynth release their new single ‘Mirrors‘ today, we have the premiere below. Here’s what they say about it “The new Mynth single ‘Mirrors’ is all about reflections. First and foremost it’s about the twins that make up the band reflecting in each other, their different worlds even though they grew up so close to each other, but also their similarities and what they have to offer to their sibling.”

Mynth are twins, Giovanna and Mario. Their sound is shaped by the connection they share as twins, their bond similar to people finishing each other’s sentences, only with music. Their debut EP Polar Night was released on Seayou Records in February 2015. On their debut full-length released almost exactly one year later in February 2016, they continued that sound, yet more defined: synthesiser soundscapes, downtempo beats, and an ethereal voice resonating between calm, introspective melancholy and temperamental outbursts. Influences range from Jessie Ware to Lorde, Portishead to Laurie Anderson.

In 2017 Mynth won an Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the category Electronic/Dance. Their new album will see its release in early 2018.

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