Owen Jones: New Labour is dead. Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet must stay as it is | Owen Jones

The idea that people won’t vote for socialist policies has been comprehensively debunked. Why change tack when Labour is in the ascendancy?

The Tories’ self-immolation is quite the spectacle. Weeks ago, they genuinely believed they were on the brink of extinguishing Labour as an effective electoral force. They now have a leader with no authority; they will be rendered ever more toxic by their alliance with the homophobic, anti-choice, climate-change-denying fundamentalists of the DUP; a civil war between liberal remainers, hard Brexiteers, and DUP fanatics beckons; there’s the tangled mess of Brexit negotiations while the British government is the laughing stock of Europe; both wages and the economy are set to slide on the Tories’ watch; every day means thousands of 18th birthdays across the country, and thousands of new Labour supporters, too. Labour already has a sizable poll lead – and the only way for the Tories currently, it seems, is down.

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