Owen Jones: Have no pity for May. Don’t forgive, and never forget why she must go | Owen Jones

Remember her whipping up of bigotry, and political incompetence – that’s the status quo Theresa May wants back. It’s time for a nonstop election campaign

Having averted the most immediate threat, Theresa May is back in No 10. And after her contrition before the 1922 Committee of Tory MPs, some within the commentariat would like us to feel some pity for her. But there will be no pity from me – and not just because a few weeks ago she was hoping to obliterate the party I love, and any semblance of a constitutionally necessary opposition. Rather it is because, however abject a figure she cuts now, it is important to retain the memory of who she is and what she stands for. We must organise to take this government down.

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If a Tory rebrand is to happen, could it be the Bankers, Bosses and Landlords’ Party?

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