GIITTV: Video of the Week #37: Siobhan Wilson – Paris Est Blanche

Siobhan Wilson has announced details of her new album There Are No Saints out 14th July 2017. The video for ‘Paris Est Blanche’ was made in one take in the back garden of Siobhan’s musical collaborator and friend Kieran Heather. ‘Paris Est Blanche’ is a delicate and evocative French language song that ripples with a gentle longing and a lonely piano accompaniment it’s the affecting and haunting sound of being in love but knowing it won’t last, it was written in Paris by her ex-boyfriend Simon Campocasso. She recalls, “We met in Paris and lived in a tiny studio flat with a cat. After five years together we went our separate ways. I haven’t seen him since. His song on my album is a way of evoking a beautiful memory. It’s a dedication to the feeling of being in love and this particular song represents the time I spent in France.”

Her new album is a tribute to Siobhan’s love of Gallic culture, two of the album tracks are in French. She admits that singing in French is something that comes naturally: “It feels really relaxed and rolls off the tongue in a different way to English or other languages.”


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