GIITTV: Track of the Day #1033: Jammz – Oh Please

Grime obviously had a pretty amazing 2016, and Jammz looks likely to be the next Grime artist to make an impact beyond the scene. Following up his first single from 2017, the pretty damn good actually ‘Who’s That Girl?’, ‘Oh Please’ deserves to make the daytime playlists and be a hit. Like rivalling ‘Way Too Big For Your Boots’ kind of hit.

‘Oh Please’ has a darker sound than its predecessor. As his profile continues to rise, the native East Londoner watches his back, keeps it real and warns “If you don’t know me from nowhere/Then it’s better that you don’t chat.” He’s not going to let anyone suddenly claim kinship, and he’s not going to let fame go to his head. The sheer speed with which he delivers is almost terrifying to behold.

And he doesn’t feel the urge to drop a ‘banger’ just to get on the air, so this isn’t ‘Who’s That Girl pt. 2.’ Great as that track still is, it’s all the better for it. Watch him rise.

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