GIITTV: Track Of The Day #1034: Dizzee Rascal – Space

It’s now fourteen years since Dizzee Rascal, then a mere 18-years-old sprang up with his seminal debut Boy In Da Corner. So on the money was it that Jay-Z was reportedly prompted on hearing ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’ to do something similar – and that led to ‘99 Problems.’

Dizzee’s worked in various different genres over the ensuing years, and the first track to appear from his forthcoming album RASKIT (released July 21), suggests he’s very much working in a grime frame of mind; no bad thing. It’s his first album in four years and sixth in total.

Age has not mellowed him, either. Over a fairly minimal backing – which is reflected in the accompanying video -it is clear he is still taking absolutely no prisoners. This isn’t here to be a dancefloor banger – he’s still got a hell of a lot to get off his chest. “Ain’t no point in playing it safe,”  he tells first of all, and thus begins the journey into four minutes of time that’s worth the four minutes of your day (more in my case, I’ve already played this four times in the last hour).

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