Owen Jones: Glastonbury is more evidence: Corbyn could be on the cusp of power | Owen Jones

The Labour leader has proved his critics wrong. Far from having a narrow support base, he appeals to working-class and middle-class voters alike

The left will never win over the middle class, or so the argument used to go: now the left is accused of winning over too many middle-class voters. Four in 10 British voters opted for Labour’s most leftwing manifesto since 1983. That socialist ideas could attract such support – and leave Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour with a “straightforward” path to victory, according to psephologist John Curtice – is in defiance of political gravity. At least, that’s the belief of those who base their entire political creed on the idea that leftwing policies will invite only electoral Armageddon. And so arrives the argument that the Labour voters who delivered a historic upset were the wrong voters: too affluent, too middle class. But socialism offers emancipation for middle class and working class alike: indeed, that is Labour’s only possible winning electoral coalition.

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Labour took the Battersea seat after promising to ask high earners to pay more tax

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