GIITTV: Track Of The Day #1043: Pattern Language – Le Choc Des Etoiles

Colorado-based electronic artist Pattern Language‘s new single ‘Le Choc Des Etoiles’ (named after the original French title of camp science-fiction flop ‘Star Crash’), is the most sultry track off his Total Squaresville mini-album forthcoming via London’s Happy Robots Records. A mini synth opus replete with an ingenious warmth and playfulness, it may log into a framework of a synth sound pioneered in the late ’70s Kraftwerk, Cluster, Harmonia, and La Dusseldorf. Yet it’s the aural equivalent of a bubble bath it reminds one of the  undulating suites crafted by the likes of AIR and Stereolab with its Mellotron strings, warm synth patterns that remind one of the work of the Radiophonic workshop and bongo-heavy percussion. Sumptuously familiar yet also deliciously evocative.

Pattern Language is the new project of Chris Frain. Currently based in Boulder, Colorado, Frain was previously keyboard player for the indie-pop band The Giranimals (where he developed a love for the staple sounds of the Minimoog and Mellotron instruments) and bassist for the power-prog rock trio Tanuki. In 2013, Frain decided to pursue a solo electronic music career after a chance viewing of the BBC4 documentary “Synth Britannia”, which made him fall back in love with the sound of the synthesiser.

Total Squaresville is the ninth release on Happy Robots Records and is distributed by Cargo Records, mastered for analogue warmth on digital devices. Order the Mini-album at and visit for more information.

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