GIITTV: NEWS: Save Womanby Street campaign unveil new short film

The Save Womanby street campaign is a movement to preserve the beating heart of Cardiff’s live music scene and its venues on Womanby street.

With premises on the street facing various threats, earlier in the year an inspiring campaign began, culminating in a fantastic march from Womanby street to city hall at the end of April.

Following this there have been various positive developments but the campaign forges on with various campaigns aimed at a promoting live music on Womanby Street, in Cardiff and beyond. We will update you on these shortly. In the meantime a new touching short film ‘Stories of Womanby Street’ acts as a love letter to the history of the street and its venues.

Here’s what Save Womanby Street organiser Ewan Moor said about this superb new short film produced by Ernest Studios.

‘Womanby Street represents more than just music, venues and our cultural. It also shows the strength of communities.

Stories of Womanby Street shows that strength through the stories and the memories made on our music street.’

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