Owen Jones: Armageddon hasn’t happened – so the Labour right needs a rethink | Owen Jones

The doomsayers were wrong about voters’ appetite for Jeremy Corbyn’s kind of politics – and going back to the compromise of 2015 would be a fatal mistake

Those who believed that a leftwing prospectus would inevitably condemn Labour to electoral oblivion now have a choice. In last month’s election, it gained seats for the first time since 1997 and achieved its greatest surge in vote share since 1945. The party now has a real – though not inevitable – chance of government. Critics can therefore accept that their narrative is fatally wounded. Or they can abandon claims that they opposed Jeremy Corbyn on electability grounds and admit it was the desirability of his ideas that underpinned their objections. This is the honest and principled position that, for instance, Tony Blair’s former speechwriter Philip Collins has taken.

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