GIITTV: EXCLUSIVE: Rachel K Collier ‘Rust’ (Acoustic) Premiere

Welsh artist and one-woman production machine Rachel K Collier new single ‘Rust’ is a fresh electro-pop song with a production pop and a vocal groove. To celebrate its release this week, we have the premiere of the stripped back acoustic version of the track, depicting the bare bones of Collier’s songwriting talent listen to it below.

Here’s what Rachel says about this version of the track:
‘The title “Rust” was inspired initially by my old bike! I used it as a working title at first, but then had an idea of how I could transform it into a concept that I could really relate to – about recognising that you have to make a conscious effort to do whatever it may take to keep your relationship fresh.

These days when I write, I usually start with the production and then if I am feeling the vibe, I will write lyrics and melody to glue it all together, which is the complete opposite to how I started out writing. It used to be just me and the keys, so I love that I can release a stripped back version to accompany the main track, as I feel it shows earlier me -and taking away all the production, drums, bass and riffs gives the melody and lyrics maximum exposure.’

“Rust” is Collier’s final standalone single this year and will be followed up with her second EP in early Autumn and debut Album early 2018.

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