Owen Jones: The Taylor review could make things worse for workers. What a surprise | Owen Jones

The Tories exist to defend the interests of wealth and power – of course this feeble report they requested won’t help those in the gig economy

Feeling disappointed by the Tories’ Taylor review would be an act of pure naivety. As a political force, the Tories exist to defend the interests of employers and those with wealth and power. That is their prime function. That is why big business and wealthy individuals lavish the party with their money. They consider it, quite wisely, as an investment, and they will more than recoup what they donate in tax cuts, deregulation, privatisation and the erosion of workers’ rights.

Matthew Taylor – asked by the Tories to convene the review – is an eloquent writer. He also hails from the “true believer” wing of New Labour. One of the four key members of his review was an early investor in Deliveroo, one of the most notorious “gig” employers. Thompsons Solicitors – a firm that specialises in workers’ rights – has described Taylor’s review as “feeble”.

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