GIITTV: Track Of The Day #1046: Talmont – Moving Further Than Before

South London trio Talmont have concocted an expansive sound in their short existence. Meeting on a music course at the prestigious Goldsmith’s University, the young musicians have worked inclusively with each others’ individual tastes (RnB, indie rock, electronic) to develop their sound. Their first single ‘Wilt’ (released back in February), began as a delicate ballad, circling the air like a feather until gritty guitar riffs crawled in to snatch the peace.

Their latest effort ‘Moving Further Than Before’ is yet another example of just how eclectic the band can be. The track leads with an infectious brass sample doused in ambience and fumbled by bouncy percussion. It’s an upbeat number, that retains a hint of melancholy, even when the Florence Welch-like vocals lead the track to a soaring final third. The band have said of the track’s meaning, “Ultimately, it’s about remembering the times you had together and knowing you wouldn’t have had your time together any other way.”

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