Owen Jones: Now showing at the Ritzy: low pay and exploitation | Owen Jones

Workers at the arthouse cinema chain Picturehouse are battling not just for themselves, but for all blighted by poverty wages
• Owen Jones is a Guardian columnist

It is a saga that tells us much about a country rigged in favour of unscrupulous employers, and a society riddled with injustice. The Ritzy cinema in Brixton, south London, is a hub for the young, the trendy, the progressively minded. Here you can watch rousing films with storylines about confronting oppression and injustice, while you are served by workers on poverty wages being persecuted by their own employers. Picturehouse – the owner of the Ritzy – should be shamed, but it tells a broader story of a wealthy nation in which the majority of those below the poverty line are in work, of a law that allows bosses to behave with impunity while denying workers a wage on which they can live, and of a lack of security and rights. It seemed reasonable to hope that this week’s long-awaited Taylor review into modern employment practices might have begun to address this crisis. Some hope.

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The Ritzy workers are fighting for all blighted by low pay, oppressive bosses and insecurity

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